Location-Specific Programs

Every location has different needs, employees, traffic patterns and break areas. Our extensively trained and experienced location consultants tour each facility, gather all pertinent information and then conduct an in-depth facility analysis..

The outcome is a comprehensive, location-specific vending program that addresses your concerns or requests and includes:
• Equipment specifications
• Equipment location recommendations
• Product request menus
• Audited volume and commission reporting
• Written price protection

Full Product Selection

A key point of difference between KBD Vending and other vending companies is the wide range of our product selection, that includes:
• Competing brands (e.g., Coke and Pepsi, Old Dutch and Hostess)
• A wide variety of cold drinks including pop, fruit juices and bottled water
• Fresh deli products — including sandwiches, Hamburgers, milk and pastries

State-of-the-Art Equipment

KBD Vending installs state-of-the-art equipment in our locations.
This ensures all equipment:

• Has great visual appeal — modern, clean and hygienic
• Can be matched to specific requirements — we have over 30 different models, types and sizes!
• Accepts $1 or $2 coins and all currency denominations as well as SMART cards
• Operator-friendly electronics
• Multiple cup size capabilities
• Bottles and cans
• Vendors that offer flexibility, reliability and a high level of customer service
• Glass front for easy product selection
• Guaranteed vend system designed to maximize profits and enhance location satisfaction
• Tracks accurate commissions
• Computerized tracking system ensures commissions promised are commissions paid!
• Wide range of product configurations accommodates a variety of packaging and specialty products

Service Technicians

KBD Vending service technicians are available, factory trained and highly experienced, our technicians can handle any technical problems that may occur.